Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day One

Saturday morning. Mom and Dad and Daughter are preparing to drive to West Virginia for the weekend.

Oxford: Something is going on here. I think everyone is leaving. The Kid is wearing her backpack, Mom's running around, and Dad's jingling his keys.

Traveller: Who's at the door?

Oxford: Don't know. I'll sniff her crotch. Thought so—it's a lady. Dad says her name is Emmy the Pet Sitter.

Traveller: Uh oh. Everyone is going into the garage. Yeah, it's a road trip.

Oxford: I always watch as they drive away. I don't know why.

Traveller: Me too. I always watch.

Oxford: The sitter is scratching behind my ear. Nice.

Traveller: Hey, Emmy, over here. Scratch me! Oh, that's good.

Oxford: Emmy's walking toward the back door. Quick, show her we want to go out—press your nose on the screen.

Traveller: Nose to screen, check. Yes! Wow, it feels great to run. We've been inside for, like, 15 minutes.

Oxford: I'm just glad to lift my leg. Oh, no. It's the Schnauzer next door. Run to the fence!

Traveller: I'm looking through the fence and see one . . . beady . . . little . . . eye. Hey! Back off! The fence is ours!

Oxford: Ours! I lift my leg on the fence! I'll show that little so-and-so who's boss.

Traveller: Gotta go—Emmy's calling. Uh oh, she has a camera.

Oxford: Time to pose, big guy.

Traveller: You want me to sit? This is not fun. Oxford, it's your turn.

Oxford: Not me, buddy. I'm sitting this one out, so to speak.

Traveller: That camera is glued to Emmy's face. She's taking pictures of us for a blog.

Oxford: Blogging? The thought makes me yawn. I'm ready for a nap.

Traveller: Me too.

* * * * * *

That evening

Oxford: This . . . bone is . . . delicious.

Traveller: You left slivers on the rug. Emmy will have to vacuum.

Oxford: She doesn't seem to mind. She ate cheese popcorn and let me lick her fingers.

Traveller: I sneezed on her leg—twice—and she just laughed.

Oxford: Know how Dad showed her how to make us sit and wait before we go outside? She doesn't get mad when I don't sit right away.

Traveller: If you would sit sooner we could go outside sooner.

Oxford: But I want her to know who's boss. So, you like Emmy?

Traveller: Yeah. She rubbed my belly with her foot when she watched TV.

Oxford: I like her, too. But then, we like everyone.

Traveller: We do. We like everyone!