Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day Two

Early Sunday morning. Emmy, the dogs, and the cat, Aggie, are in the guest room.

Oxford: I wish Emmy would wake up. I need to go out.

Traveller: You've got a small bladder, dude. I'll nudge Emmy's hand. Now she's awake.

: She's up! She's downstairs! She's unlocking the back door. Ahhhhhhh. Now that feels better. Hey, want to play "Pirates?"

Traveller: My favorite game! Arrrgh, Matey—catch me if you can!

Oxford: Arrrrgh.

Traveller: Ouch!

: Sorry. It was supposed to be a love bite. Give up?

Traveller: Not yet. Oh no. Emmy's taking pictures.

Oxford: Ha! I tackled you good, buddy. You're going to look funny in her blog. Arrrrgh—gotcha.

Traveller: OK, OK, uncle.

Oxford: Whew. I'm winded.

Traveller: Uh oh. Emmy's bringing out the Furminator.

Oxford: I don't like that thing. You just sit there, buddy, while she brushes you. I'm staying waaaaay over here.

* * * * * * *

Sunday afternoon

Traveller: I hear a car. Good thing. I'm getting a little stiff in this crate.

Oxford: Is it Mom and Dad? It doesn't sound like their engine.

Traveller: It's Emmy. Hey, Emmy! Can I come out of my crate first?

Oxford: Me next. Race you to the back door, buddy. I gotta see a man about a horse.
Traveller: I'm hungry. I wish we could eat the cat's food.

Oxford: You're such a goody two shoes. Watch me sneak over to Aggie's bowl, heh, heh. Uh oh, Emmy saw me. Wait. Did you hear that? The Schnauzer is outside! Run to the back door!

Traveller: I'm with you. Open! Door!

Oxford: Run to the fence! The fence is ours, you little mutt. Ours! I lift my leg on this plank. I lift my leg to your measly gray behind!

Traveller: Fence! Ours!

Oxford: Ours! Arrrgh! Hey, want to play "Pirates?!"